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Go Kart Project

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Reliant Fuel Systems Project Go Kart


See the system used to prototype a 100% water powered Go Kart

We are quietly building support around a prototype of this HHO powered Go Kart. If you want to build one as well, we are happy to share the details and the parts required to do so once we finish the build stage. Please sign up below for exclusive updates.

Our plan is to enlist people to build them around the world and them make them known all at once at some point in the future. It will bring a lot of high level interest in the project, and there will also be too many examples of this for it to be disregarded or in any way suppressed.

In the meantime, please consider purchasing the system used here for use on your vehicle or to be ready for a future project. Our ES4000 system (Hydrogen Assist Kit for Small Engines) is designed for your vehicle with engines up to 4 liters in size.

For larger engines we offer the ES9000 (Hydrogen Assist Kit for Medium Engines) that comfortably handles engine sizes up to 7.5 liters in size. Our systems work on both diesel and gasoline engines. They also come with the most advanced electronic enhancers and power controllers to manage your system and interface with your vehicle's computer.


Reliant Fuel Systems Go Kart Project

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Project Features our ES4500 Small Engine System

For more information on the system installed on the go kart project, please see the listing in our Premium Systems category featuring our Small Engine Hydrogen Assist System


Reliant Fuel Systems Go Kart Project



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