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40A Constant Current PWM


This is a constant current PWM. This means that you will set it for the amperage you want your HHO system to draw. Then as temperature conditions change, and the system starts to draw more amps, the PWM will adjust automatically so you maintain the same current draw.

This unit is housed in an aluminum heat sink case. The case parts all have a clear annodized finish with blue lettering.


Adjustable Frequency: The Frequency can be adjusted from 3 Hz up to 6.5 KHz. Adjustable Rampup: The PWM will ramp up to the desired amperage. The default time for the ramp up is 10 seconds. This can be configured from 0 to 60 seconds.

Adjustable Amps Pot Sensitivity: Even though the PWM is capable of 40 Amps, you may only be using 6 - 8 Amps. It is very difficult to make adjustments of 1/2 Amp when the pot's range is from 0 - 40 Amps. This feature allows you to set the range of the Amps Pot to whatever you want. In this case you would set it so that the Amps Pot range is from 0 to 10 Amps, making it easy to make adjustments between 6 and 8 Amps.

Float Switch Monitoring: The PWM will monitor a float switch in your reservoir and sound an alarm if the level is low. This can be configured for either normally open or normally closed float switches.

Float Switch Shutdown of PWM: The PWM will monitor how long the float switch has been in an alarm mode. It doesn't shut down the PWM right away because there is still water in the reservoir when the float switch first turns on. Default shutdown time is 10 hours of runtime, adjustable from 10 to 40 hours. The PWM keeps track of runtime between power downs.

External Amps Adjust: There is a port on the PWM that will read a 0-5 volt input. If used, it will change its constant current amperage based on the voltage at this port. This can be used to give a dynamic control of the PWM by the customer's electronics.

Temperature Controlled Fan: To preserve the life of the fan (the one moving part), we have set it up so that the fan doesn't come on unless the board is hot enough to warrant it. For most uses, the fan will virutally never come on. You can see more details about this product in the Installation Instructions.

What's in the Box?

20 Amp CCPWM This is the main unit

5 x #10 Ring Terminals: These are for connecting your 10 gauge wires to the PWM. You'll need 4. The 5th is an extra.

5 x 1/4" Ring Terminals: These are for connecting the other end of your 10 gauge wires to your battery and your cell. You'll need 4. The 5th is an extra.

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