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Frequency MAP/MAF Enhancer


Our new frequency based MAP/MAF enhancer is the first universal MAP/MAF sensor enhancer. It can be used for devices that output a frequency to the computer, or devices that send an analog voltage signal.

Frequency Type MAP/MAF Sensors

This device works with any standard 5 volt frequency coming from the device, and will attenuate that frequency based on the position of it's controlling potentiometers. It has worked with all frequency type MAFs it has been tested on. It will also work with frequency type Ford MAP sensors.

Frequency range is from 30 Hz up to 17 Khz. It has been successfully used on a frequency MAF that operated in the range of 7 Khz to 17 Khz.

Analog MAP/MAF Senosrs

There is also an analog port for use with analog voltage types of MAP or MAF. This is the type of device that are currently controlled with MAP enhancers that you can buy from eBay. Most analog MAF/MAPs need to have the voltage reduced in order to lean the air/fuel mix. However, some types of MAP/MAF sensors need to have the voltage increased in order to lean the mix. The eBay MAP enhancers cannot handle this type of device however, ours can.

By changing one switch position, this device will change from decreasing the voltage to increasing the voltage.

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